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The Scientext website brings together information and ressources from several laboratories (Lidilem, LLS, LiCorn, LAIRDIL, Diltec) in relation to scholarly discourse. The Scientext project began with the Scientext ANR Projet and has since been enriched thanks to other projects and collaborations, integrating new genres (scientific oral discourse, academic texts) and linguistic and didactic resources: the FULS project (Formes et Usages du Lexique Spécialisé), the Termith ANR project (Terminologie et Indexation de Textes en Sciences Humaines), and the EIIDA project (Opération TransferS Etude interdisciplinaire et interlinguistique du discours académique).

On this website, several corpora can be queried on-line through the Scienquest interface. Linguistic and didactic resources in relation to scholarly discourse are available to both learners and researchers. Activities for teaching and learning in  Français Langue Étrangère and English for Academic Purposes are available. Publications related to the different projects are also listed.


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